Our vision

We call our vision ‘High Hopes’  – it's our schools project for the 21st century!


 - We believe that Hope is part of God’s plan for every person and the natural response to encountering God.


 - We visit all the children in the ‘High’ name of God to share our Hope in him and the positive impact of the Christian life.


 - We are passionate about children achieving good and great things, and we know that it is hope that sustains them as they reach up to their full potential.

We use lots of strategies and programmes to help us reach as many children as possible as well as providing a well-rounded approach to children's spiritual education. We believe that a child's emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing is vital to helping them lead a fantastic life, so we aim to help them achieve this.

It is important to note that since 2020 some of these strategies have been paused due to restrictions and the safety of our team and those we visit.


We lead Christian Acts of Collective Worship in schools in and around Tonbridge as well as further afield. We ensure that they inclusively inspire and challenge all children involved. 

Assemblies are currently delivered in 35 schools including those as far away as Crockham Hill, Wateringbury and Westerham. We also deliver these at Oakley and Valence schools which cater for those with additional educational and physical needs.


We create safe places for children to be themselves, where we share Bible stories, do craft, play lots of fun games and have some time for prayer.


We were previously working in Royal Rise Primary School, Sussex Road Community Primary School, Cage Green Primary School and Long Mead Community Primary School. We are looking into restarting Fun Club in January 2022.

Lessons &

Our lessons provide quality educational experiences as well as engaging and exploring faith, religion, culture and the child's personal development.


Our Easter series explores the story and key values such as justice, redemption, mindfulness and internal strength.


Our Year 6 Transition Workshop sets out to support the children in preparation for 'taking off' to secondary school, with the Christian message drawing from Psalm 139 v1-6 - God knows and protects everyone. 

Seasonal Activities

Celebrating and exploring festivals and seasons through activities and workshops. For example, bespoke pantomimes, the easter journey and light parties. 


Providing wider community support in social activities for the good of the public. For example, fun days, speaking at events and church away weekends. 


Providing high quality lectures, workshops and training for adults and young people interested in working with children.